About Wah Lee. Account

About Wah Lee

The Wah Lee Group was meaningfully created by founder Dato Lim Wah Lee and he always holds a strong belief on after sales service and strengthen our good relationship with business partner.

Our promises

1. Always customers come first
2. Always dress smart and be presentable
3. Always be courteous to others

9 Principles

1. Contribution to society
2. Co-operation and team spirit
3. Untiring effort for improvement
4. Courtesy and humility
5. Fairness and honesty
6. Gratitude
7. Adaptability
8. Clean & tidy
9. Responsibility


From its humble beginning in 1982, Wah Lee Group Electrical Appliances has grown leaps and bounds over the years and is now well on our way to becoming the preferred retail icon in Malaysia. Complemented with our wide range of brands and products in electrical appliances at exceptional prices, our brand name now enjoys instant recognition amongst Malaysian consumers from all walks of life. In 1989, Wah Lee Group successfully established its banner with its inaugural store in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Just 24 years later in 2012, the group has expanded its local chain brand name from just a traditional local store to becoming a truly professional corporate entity. Guided by our philosophy to uphold customers respect and employee integrity, we continue the progress and development that today sees the prominent brand name on some 12 stores nationally, mainly in northern region of Malaysia. The friendly and jovial nature, which is synonymous with Wah Lee Group store personality,clearly resonates not only in our store designs, layouts, product offering and advertising but in every aspect we do in our day-to-day dealings with customers to uphold our utmost respect and integrity towards achieving total customers satisfaction. We vow to continue to offer products of greatest value and superior quality, together with a highly energised team of dedicated staff, to respond to the needs of today's customers needs and making Wah Lee Group Electrical Appliances the reliable brand choice for today and the future. 



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