· Multi-layered purification system​: For clean and hygienic air

· 3 Way Air Flow: Purify wider area and quickly distribute clean air

· Built in WiFi: Easy & allow you to control at anytime, anywhere

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Product Specifications
Warranty Type Local Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty Period 2 Year
Product Description

Reaches wider. Purifies the air faster.

3 Way Air Flow

Purify a wide area much more quickly, reaching from corner to corner*. The Front Air Inflow easily draws in air. A Power Fan quickly distributes the clean air in multiple directions using its 3 Way Air Flow. So it reaches wider and purifies faster*, with a CADR of 467 cu. meters per hour**.

Reaches wider. Purifies the air faster.

* Based on internal test results. Tested on the AX60K5580WFD compared with the Samsung conventional model AX40K3020UWD. Performance may vary depending on the actual usage environment.** CADR > 467m³/h. Tested in the KACA (Korea Air Cleaning Association).

Removes up to 99.97% of 0.3㎛ sized dust

Multi-Layered Purification System

Keep your air pure and safe with multi-layered purification. Firstly, it extracts larger dust particles. An Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter then removes harmful gases*. The HEPA Filtration with ultrafine dust filter also captures up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust** and inhibits bacteria***.

Removes up to 99.97% ‡of 0.3㎛ sized dust

* Tested on the AX80K7580WFD for toluene, xylene, benzene, ethylbenzene, styrene & formaldehyde gases in the National Test Institute of Korea.** The filter media has over 99.97% dust collection efficiency, based on a particle size of 0.26㎛, as specified by 42 CFR part 84. Tested in the National Test Institute of Korea.*** Tested on the filter media of the dust collecting filter in the National Test Institute of Korea.

Precise monitoring, intuitive display

Numeric Display

Check the level of air pollution more precisely. A Laser PM Sensor detects dust, even particles less than 1.0㎛, and gaseous contaminants. The numeric display then shows the exact level of PM1.0/2.5/10 sized air pollution. It also clearly highlights how clean the air is with a 4-color Indicator.

4-color indicator
Laser sensor

Enjoy fresh air anywhere– more easily

Hidden Moving Wheel

Move the air purifier anywhere you want much more easily using its hidden moving wheels. Simply push or pull it to any location that needs more intensive purifying, like your living room or bedroom. And, because the wheels are neatly hidden underneath, it doesn’t spoil the overall design.

Enjoy fresh air anywhere
– more easily

Control it remotely with your smartphone


Take care of your air and check its pollution level at anytime and anywhere. The SmartThings App* lets you remotely control the air purifier. With a simple touch or using your voice** you can turn it on or off, check the air quality, control other functions and monitor the status of the filter.

Control it remotely with your smartphone

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required.** Voice control supported in 8 languages (UK English, US English, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian).

Automatically optimizes the air freshness

Auto Mode / Sleep Mode

Enjoy purer air in various ways to suit your needs. Auto Mode senses the air pollution level and automatically adjusts the power and fan speed. So it saves you effort and reduces energy use. Sleep Mode also helps you sleep by creating a softer and quieter air flow, without any display lighting.

Automatically optimizes the air freshness

Space-efficient and easy to maintain

Slim Design

Make better use of your living space, and easily clean and change the filter. The slim design ensures that it fits in almost anywhere, without taking up much room. And its front-sided air inlet means you can simply replace and maintain the filter without moving or pulling it away from the wall.

Space-efficient and easy to maintain

Simpler and saferto use and maintain

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